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How to use discounts to boost your conversion rate

Are you having a hard time hitting a high conversion rate? Don't despair just yet. You may have the right products at the right time - but you may also lack that little push that turns traffic into customers.


Keeping your site alive: how and why of website maintenance

From time to time, you have to do a little work on your car, your computer, your home, and almost every other thing you own - so why do people tend to forget about website maintenance?


8 reasons why SEO is important for startups

Every entrepreneur must take their brand to the internet. How can you get ahead of the competition in such an overcrowded e-market? Right now, the only way to stand out is by using the right SEO strategy.


Call to Action: How adding a CTA can improve your content tenfold

Are you suffering from low conversion rate syndrome? That usually happens when you have a poor call to action (CTA for short) at the end of your content pieces. Or even worse, having no CTA at all.